The Fall Equinox Edition- Moon Manifestation Planner: Issue 2

The Moon Manifestation Planner is a hand crafted, original, ritualistic tool to help guide you to manifesting your dreams, maintaining balance and stepping into your authentic power.

The Fall Equinox is all about slowing down and taking inventory of what we created during the Summer Solstice Eclipse Season. It’s time to go inward and get ready for the winter hibernation rejuvenation months. A lot has been revealed, brought to the surface and accomplished and now is the time to process everything that has happened and slow down a bit.
In nature, fall represents death and shedding. The fall equinox is the perfect time to set your intention to shed all the fragments that were brought up during the eclipses that are no longer serving you., preparing for the rebirth. Every month we go through a cycle of death and rebirth with the moons and our cycles but the seasons represent a deeper change and transformation.
Use the energy of the fall equinox to process, observe and really look at all that has been accomplished in the first half of the year. Give yourself some love, you have been through a lot.

Celestial Events:
September 23; Equinox
September 28- New Moon In Virgo
October 8- Draconids Meteor Shower
October 18- Hunters Full Moon in Aries
October 21-22- Orionids Meteor Shower
October 28- New Moon in Scorpio
November 12- Beaver Moon Full Moon in Taurus
November 17-18- Leonids Meteor Shower
November 26- New Moon Scorpio
December 12- Full Moon Gemini Cold Moon
December 13-14- Geminids Meteor Shower


Each page is unique and includes the moons phases. This planner is full of original art, rituals,  my signature frame writing tool and lots of information about the planetary events. Order Planner Here 


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