The Moon Manifestation Planner, Summer Solstice Edition

The Moon Manifestation Planner was a vision I had while living in Thailand because what I used to do was buy a blank notebook and track my spiritual practice. Did I meditate? Did I do something creative? Was I on my moon cycle or not? When was my moon cycle and was it sinc with the moon? Did my mood change throughout the month? How was my health and how long have I been feeling this way? Did I have dreams? I started to notice patterns and this type of journaling quickly became a tool that was empowering me. I started to notice my mood did change throughout the month and that each time I did a ceremony my manifestation was more powerful. It was so empowering to track and see all these things that were going on with me and what a difference it made.


So I wanted to create a planner with all the tools because to be honest I was tired of writing it out everyday. I was following the moon religiously, doing ceremonies, tracking my menstrual cycle and I was manifesting things using my frame writing tool along with the cycles of the moon.

So this is how the Moon Manifestation Planner was born.

While living in Thailand I painted all the artwork and when I got back to the states I began shopping for printers. The first print which covered the entire year from January 1- December 30 was 70$. That was way too expensive to ask of people, so I broke it down into 4 cycles and decided to make it a quarterly edition, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Each of these segments represent its own significant cycle so what better way to break up your manifestations and changes to match the cycles of our universe.

The first edition takes you from the Summer Solstice June 21, 2019 to September 23, 2019 up to the Fall Equinox.

Each planetary event includes a suggested ritual you can do and describes the meaning of that event.

Every moon phase is tracked daily and there is a full two pages for each day to keep track of your spiritual practice as well as your regular schedule and to do list.

Every full moon, eclipse, new moon and meteor shower has a ritual and describes the energy coming in that day and how to use it.

There is a section to write and track your dreams in the back of the book



There is a tool called Frame writing I included. At the beginning of the book you will get instructions how to use this but basically each new moon we chart our course for where we are going and what we want to manifest for that moon cycle, we write it down like a frame of a movie and read it everyday, visualizing and reminding ourselves of where we are going. I have discovered in my own personal journey that the small goals are much easier to step into quickly than the larger ultimate dreams which we also cover. It’s so important to chart a map of where your going when you are trying to manifest and create the life that you want. The best time to map is at new moon.

There are a few very important events in coming up in this next edition.

  1. The Summer Solstice June 21, 2019, longest day of the year (high solar energy)
  2. New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse and closing of the portal that opened January 21, 2019
  3. Full Buck Moon in Capricorn with a lunar eclipse, time to let go of ego and move more into higher self (extra energy from planets to release ego)
  4. Meteor Shower July 28-29 (time to make magical potent medicine) healing energy from the cosmos
  5. New Moon in Leo August 1, shine bright like a diamond, going all in, we can use the power of Leo to charge bravely towards our goals.
  6. Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius August 15, 2019, time to focus on the greater good and be more selfless, release selfish behaviors because the planet needs us now more than ever to be in service.
  7. New Moon in Virgo August 30, time to get grounded, serious and organized. No more playing around.
  8. Full Corn Moon in Pisces, September 14, 2019, to end the summer season this moon highlights the human evolution of consciousness from un evolved, instinctive and animal based to our final realization of pure soul identity.

Needless to say, lots going on in this upcoming season of planetary events and this planner is here to guide and empower you along the way.

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