My best kept secret for Vitality, glowing skin and aging elegantly

I have been drinking green juice for around ten years now. My understanding to a healthy drink has definitely evolved over the years. Today we are so educated about these powerful elixers but years ago I thought that blending up some frozen yogurt with fruit was the healthiest thing you could do for yourself. 

It was ten years ago and my mom was preparing for her wedding and I went to see her. She had literally looked like she was younger than she was the last time I had saw her. Her skin was glowing, no wrinkles, no grey hair, she was beaming and she was drinking pressed juice from her Champion Juicer. I began to investigate further and came across the Gerson diet. Gerson is a doctor with a clinic in mexico who cures people of their chronic illnesses through a combination of colon cleansing and organic pressed juice. I found this to be fascinating. My mother had cured herself from 4th stage cancer and juice was a big part of that. Ofcourse if she didn’t have the willingness the juice would have not been effective but the juice was the physical element that needed to be included. I found a woman named Natalia Rose and she was doing raw food and lots of juicing so I started eating raw and juicing and it was an amazing experience. I had so much energy and felt so healthy and the reason for this is because the raw food was detoxing years of unhealthy foods and alcohol. The raw food and the juice was cleansing my liver and all my organs. I didn’t stay completely raw permanently, this was 8 years ago but i did it for about a year straight. After that I learned so much more about detoxing and health and tried everything in between.

Today I feel like I found my balance and I have kept the juice with me this whole time because I think its one of the most important, magical things we have access to for longevity.

A single green juice provides so much nutrition. Think of pressed juice as the essential oil of the vegetable. Its the purest potent form for getting your vitamins and you can pack so much into a small cup. Celery for example is the strongest liver detoxifyer. Our liver is responsible for extracting all the toxins in our body. If the liver is clogged up, the toxins will stay inside causing us to be tired, have less energy, look aged and tired and not be operating at our fullest potential. A green juice a day packed with as many greens as you can will keep your body healthy and vital.

My Go To Recipe:

Celery, Apple, Lemon, Lime, Ginger, Romaine


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