Unique Therapies I learned while living in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

✨ How my Experiences Shaped my Healing ✨

If you check out my story you’ll learn that my life path is one of healing and transformation. It always has and always will be. I see everything I do as therapy, evolution and expansion.

The way I see the malfunction in human potential is very simple;

We are born a perfect and beautiful soul, direct extension from the creator. Our first trauma is experienced when we go through the womb of our mother which we can eventually remember choosing that person as a significant player in our karmic evolution. The situation we are born into, the key players, struggles we will face, things we will be forced to learn show me that this was pre mapped and planned. Our soul came here with a purpose. Our soul came with a unique imprint. As we go through life, things happen and our mind remembers those things. We burn our hand on the stove and we remember don’t touch the stove again. More things and more things happen and this shapes our perspective. The deeper the pain from that experience, the deeper the wound. We cope and deal in unconscious ways. Because thats what we are, unconscious. It isn’t until we become self aware that we can “cope and deal”  in a more healthy conscious way. Most humans accumulate a lot of wounds throughout their entire life. If you don’t choose and make an effort to become self aware, a human will finally reach the point of “I cant take anymore” “I have cancer” “Im at the end” usually a wake up call will happen and your body just physically cannot take anymore. At this point you must remove and release in order to see clearly the perfection that was once there.


Become Self Aware– I created this, Im responsible, I can change this, Im the only one that can make me happy, I participated in everything, I chose and had a choice.

Look at the Wounds– This happened to me when I was 5 years old, this happened to me when I was 10 years old, this happened to me and it was horrible, Im still resentful about this thing that happened to me, I will never forgive this person for what they did to me, I cant stand people that are like this because of this.

Process– Identify things that bother us, identify things that we don’t like, identify things that make us uncomfortable, identify things that we are scared of, identify things that trigger us

Reflect- Take those things that you identified and bring them into your awareness. Take responsibility for all.

Release- Physically, emotionally and mentally all these wounds must come out. The wounds shape your perspective and without a change in perspective you wont be able to live a healthy, peaceful life and have anything you want. Because the wounds imprison you.


For the past 12 years I have been on a healing transformational journey. And it wasn’t about keeping a normal life and reading some self help books in the evening. I walked away from “normal” ten years ago and devoted my entire life, my entire being to becoming a better human.

Read my personal journey to learn my story

The tools I created from these experiences, I now incorporate into my own private practice and I wanted to share them with you here.



Tool: Reframing- Life Mapping

Reframing Life Mapping is basicly exactly what I explained above. How to get from where you are to where you want to be. When I was growing up I was always ambitious and always had big dreams. Before reading self help books I was reading books like “Think and grow rich” “The success principles” (Amazing book by Jack Canfield) and these books although had a sort of spiritual aspect like the power of faith and belief they were missing an entire important piece of the design. You can learn all the manifestation tools in the world and do them perfect but if you believe that “your dreams cant come true” because growing up you were given that belief and its been embedded in your brain your entire life and thats what you believe than “your dreams will never come true” no matter what you do.

Also, life isn’t just about manifesting for yourself and getting what you want because we are not a single person we are all connected persons connected to each other and what I do effects you and what you do effects me so we need to get out of that paradigm and put our goals to becoming better for the greater good of all, not just “me”. So with this change in perspective we must become better humans, better listeners, more conscious, more aware, more compassionate.

We than realize that to love oneself is to love another person and to love another person is to love one self, its a boomerang. So life goals become much more than manifesting for ourselves and now become more about manifesting for the higher good of all. Anyone can pick up a book and learn how to become enlightened. In fact, most of the leaders and teachers today learned their knowledge from the books they read, I know I got so much knowledge from books. But than we take that knowledge and we apply that information to our own unique imprint and out comes authenticity. My goal is to support humans in reaching their own unique authenticity. Im a modern person, Im living in the modern times and Im just presenting this stuff in a modern and understandable way.

I created a program which I call mapping where we identify where you are in your journey and we decide where it is that you want to go. We do this through exercises, tools, and deep subconscious work. I follow somewhat of a guideline but It’s tailored to each individual person and where they are in their journey.

We pin point each element that applies to you and we tackle it until its transformed. One by one we focus and move through each one. There are tools, exercises, and homework given. It could take one day, 1 week or one month. You decide.

This is everything I learned in the past 12 years compressed into a nice life transforming program. In my own life these were the issues I had. I have spent time focusing on each one at a time learning what works and what doesn’t.

Some of the things I focus on in mapping (may or may not apply to you)

~ Things that make you uncomfortable

~ Owning your past. What your born into is your karma, how you deal with it is your choice

~ Paying attention to the signs of the Universe

~ Learning tools to heal yourself, to manage your own emotions and to deal with stress

~ Creating balance and routine

~ Identifying triggers

~ Making a commitment and focusing on healing

~ Looking at the path, going into the subconscious

~ Working with spirit

~ Working with Power portals and power places

~ Finding  healing in each experience

~ What are you suppressing?

~ What do you feel guilty about?

~ Relationships

~ Emotional toxins

~ Loving yourself

~ Suppressed pleasure

~ Being a conscious creator

~ intuition

~ Perspective

In Mapping I use different tools.

I have a technique I created called “Frame Writing”.

Instead of focusing on the “out of this world unattainable goal” we take baby steps in frame writing to reach small realistic goals.

I work with the energy of the moon. I have discovered through my esoteric practices so many benefits of the moons energy.  Balancing the feminine and bringing in and releasing.  There is a beginning and a closing. If we work in alignment with the moons cycle, we can jet stream along with her energies.

I share habits and routines that I use that help keep me balanced and self -aware

I think therapy should be fun because its a life long process. We will never become enlightened in this human body. But if we can learn the tools to handle any situation life throws our way, were pretty good to go.

The next therapy I created:


Emotional Trauma release

This is a very intense releasing therapy. It can be painful and uncomfortable and powerful and life changing. It was through my own sexual exploration that I discovered emotions were being stored in my body.

The first time this happened actually was not even during sex but during a massage in Turkey and the therapist hit a point and I started crying. It was around my second chakra area. He kept pressing and I kept crying. It wasn’t painful it was dense energy that was stuck. I had a memory of my father as I layed there on the massage table and next I had a conversation with him. Tons of  toxic dense painful energy released from my body as I cried. After the session I was like what happened what was that?  So I went home feeling like a new person. I saught to have another encounter like this so when I came to Israel and my friend told me about a very unique massage therapist I immediately jumped to the opportunity. And sure enough, it happened again. After this I started sending my friends to them and talking about my experience.

During this time I was in sexual exploration which was where I was dating and having open relationships with several people at the same time. This was something I wanted to try because I knew it would bring up a lot of emotions for me and I wanted to learn about my own emotions.

I began practicing these techniques on my lovers and they felt the energy and loved it. Many of them asked for more. I began practicing on my friends and the same thing happened they felt better and had similar experiences than me. And while I was releasing these blocked energies around my second chakra and experimenting with sex my sex went from normal regular sex to unimaginable, meditative, sacred, out of body sex.

I was starting to understand that our orgasms play a much bigger role than just pleasure. I realized our orgasm was a gateway to different levels of our higher self. The more we released, the deeper we could go with it and understand.

Through this experience combined with my intuition and background as a therapist I created this technique. You lay down, breath, close your eyes and I find the dense energy pockets. We locate the trigger and little by little we pinpoint the cord and remove it from your body.

90% of the people who have this session including men cry. 50% don’t remember. 100% felt the energy releasing. 100% felt better after the session. 80% felt pain. 80% came back for more.

If you look at everything as therapy, you’ll find what your looking for. There are so many forms and so many tools for divination and discovery. Just keep searching and you will align with what works for you. This worked for me but it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

You can try looking for energy pockets on your own in your own body but I personally found it quite difficult.



Sexual Therapy


Orgasm Ascension

For me in my healing, coming from sexual abuse and extreme trauma at home.( Im a 10 out of 10 on the ACE score test for trauma.) Basically,  statistically I should be homeless and on drugs. But, Im not the average statistic because I chose to grind at my healing and never stop until I became my best self.

Sex is such an overlooked element and so misunderstood. The way we have sex directly shows us our suppressed polarities. If you like to be controlled and dominated in bed, most likely your the boss at life and work. If you like to dominate and handcuff your partner this is a need you have to be in control. It teaches us about ourself. Are we connected and aware or are we feeling nothing. Having multiple partners can be a form of healing. It can be a time to really look at yourself and grow if your conscious of it but most of the time sex is misused.

How do we get to these deeper level of orgasm and what is the spiritual benefit?

When a woman is unblocked from her suppressed emotions, her sacred flower becomes an open portal. When the man enters this flower, he receives nectar. That nectar gives him intuition, energy, safety, comfort, and love. He receives all the energies from the feminine flower. When her flower is blocked with toxic poisons like suppressed emotions, memories, resentments, anger whatever is being kept there, he feels just the physical pleasure of getting off but misses out on the magic of the nectar. When the woman is unblocked, she can access all her orgasm portals and I personally discovered 5. We have so many receptors inside of our vagina walls and past the G spot and let me tell you these are un comparable to the clitoris. The clitoris is the least powerful orgasm you can have from the 5. Each level of orgasm ascends you deeper to the higher source.

Super cool stuff huh!

So in this session we get you to that place, the unblocked sacred feminine flower.



Herbal Alchemy

Many of you may not know this but I have been in and out of college throughout my entire life, however I never fully finished any degree. One of the career paths I took was Chinese Medicine. I took this not knowing that I would have to stick people with needles (which I hate ) but I thought we would be creating potions and herbal tinctures. I grew up making tinctures with my mom. Every time I had a headache or my period or a hangover or I needed energy she would whip up some disgusting tasting concoction and cure me. I became more interested in herbs after they healed my irregular periods. Since I was 13 when I got my first period I have been irregular. One time I didn’t get it for a year another time I bled for a month, I never knew when it was coming and how long it was going to last. My normal period as a teenager was once every few months. Somewhere along the line I discovered an herb called Black cohosh and after taking this herb for the first time in my life my period came every 29 days. OMG I was so happy!

My mom taught me about mood altering herbs and herbs that make you sleepy and herbs that give you energy and I became obsessed. So although I didn’t graduate from my school because Im too busy traveling and in forever search of healing, I learned a lot about TCM along with my own obsessed research about Amazon herbs, Ayurvedic herbs and Adaptogens. Today I take an average of maybe 15-20 herbs a day. I swear by them and they help keep me in a high vibe energy, happy, relaxed and stress free, Naturally. Herbs are great because they are just like eating plants. If they are interfering with your medication than maybe its the medication you should be worried about.

I offer herbal alchemy sessions to help create a special herbal blend just for you.

I hope you found some useful information here and inspiration.

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