Are you using your greatest superpower? Woman!

You have to know and understand that your super power is woman. You were born woman, you were born with intuition, with psychic ability, the ability to birth life and the ability to heal. You have two x chromosomes, you are the stronger sex by nature. You have the ability to multi task, you have a higher pain tolerance and you bring a sensitive nature to handle life with grace and compassion. Your feminine essence is what gives you all these powers. When you disconnect from your divine feminine, you disconnect from your feminine power. In order to be fully in your power as a woman and understand what that power is, you need to fully connect with the Divine Feminine. When we access our feminine energy, our intuitive and psychic abilities go up.

This is not about feminism. This is not about man hating. This is about reclaiming whats ours. This is about not suppressing ourselves any longer and being the strong women we were born to be. Somewhere in the history of our past, things got out of alignment and its time we put things back in its rightful order.

How many of us actually believed that a woman’s brain is smaller than a mans brain? Throughout my life, up to around age 27 when I had my “awakening” I was a submissive girl and I accepted being a woman as the perspective of being second, not being as smart, not having a voice and not having the same rights as a man. Where did I learn this? from my mother. My mother was the strongest, most intuitive woman I knew. She was always studying some amazing philosophical ideology and trying new spiritual things and religions. She was very wise, artistic, creative and passionate however she did not see or recognize her power and therefore she let men abuse her and disrespect her. As a young girl I could see everything clearly. That my mother was being abused and she was weak. I didn’t respect this kind of behavior. I would stand up to every man that abused her and eventually she learned her power and the abuse stopped because now she knows who she is.

Back to my question of how many of us were brought up to believe that a woman’s brain is smaller than a mans brain? I had a man the other day tell me that men were more psychic and spiritual and had the power from God because they are the priests and there are no female priests. It was something that really got me thinking. Originally there were priestesses. Although we only have little evidence from ancient Egyptian times, records show quite a large number of ancient Egyptian priestesses. Also in these records we learn that the women status was her own and did not derive it from her husband. As Egypt became in contact with more and more sexist cultures, some priestly power eroded.

Did you know that as women, we are divine givers of life? We birth life and we give our nourishment not only as mothers but also in everything we do, its our feminine nature. As divine givers, constantly giving, we are also depleting. If our body is a vessel, and each time we give energy and love and nourishment from that vessel than we need to make sure to refill that vessel so we have more to give. If we do not take responsibility for replenishing our vessel than we will not have anything left to give and thats when we become bitchy, irritable and tired, because we are completely depleted with nothing left to give.

When our vessel is filled, we are the goddess. The goddess is full of sensuality, she is vibrant, well rested, well nourished, and full of beautiful white light. I love the images of the goddesses, they are brushing their hair, sitting by the sea, half naked, sensual in their essence. This is the ideology of woman being in her true essesnce, representative of the goddess. The goddess is fully filled in her vessel, she is divine, she is satisfied and feels beautiful.


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