A Ceremony for the New Moon- New Moon, New You

Align with your authentic true self

Ceremony below

Every moon phase is a special time to jet stream onto the magnificent energy of the moon and its cycles of rebirth and release. New moon is the time to call in the new and Full Moon is the time to release and close out the old. These cycles keep us in rhythm with our own body and natural energies.

This New Moon in particular is not exactly the perfect time to start manifesting new projects or setting new courses because two planets Mercury and Mars are both in retrograde. Im no astrologer but I have been following moon cycles long enough to know that when a planet especially mercury goes retrograde that means things will move particularly slow and its not the best time to start anything new.

With the upheaval from the latest Eclipse I thought it might be most productive to focus our energy on linking up with the alignment of our souls true purpose and self. After all, isn’t this what it all comes down to?

In this ceremony, we set our intention to communicate and surrender to the alignment of our souls unique imprint and authentic true self. 

Supplies needed:

∼ Paper & Pencil

∼  Palo Santo

∼  A quiet space outdoors under the moon 🌙

∼  Mason jar with distilled water





(anytime from 18:00-Midnight)

Find a comfortable place outside or near a window where you can see or feel the moons energy.

Sit down, burn palo santo to clear the energy and take some deep breaths and start connecting yourself to the earth. Listen to the breeze and the sound of the trees and any other sounds that you might hear pay attention to them. Be with this focus for  a few minutes until you feel your body becoming more grounded with the earth. Focus your attention to the moon and its magnificence. Remember its cycles and its effect on the tides and the movements and changes of the earth and the feminine. Connect yourself to this energy. Focus on your hands and the energy that is present in them just by putting your attention there. Focus your energy on your hands until you can feel them vibrating. Place your hands on your heart and with the energy of the hands open the energy of the heart. Smile and take a moment to be grateful for all that you have and for all the love that you feel.

Ask to connect to the part of you that is your unique souls imprint. Place your thumb on your heart and imagine a doorway. Go through this door and meet with the tonal vibration frequency of your soul. Ask your soul its purpose. Ask what is it here for. What is the imprint its meant to leave on Planet Earth. How can it share and give?

Write down everything its saying and stay in the trance and keep asking questions. Ask what will the true self be known for if you line up with it.

Write it all down.

This should give you some major clarity about your path and purpose and help you recognize where your out of alignment and where your not. If it was hard to get any answers you just have to keep practicing and keep trying. I promise if you keep trying you will eventually hear your soul.

When we are out of alignment with our true self things will always be difficult. When we are in alignment with our true self everything flows effortlessly and easily. In alignment life is easy because your flowing along. Not being honest about what you truly want or compromising your true self takes you out of alignment and will always lead to struggle.

Ask the Universe to assist you in the alignment with your true self ✨ 

We start by writing our intention. Moon ceremonies are all about setting an intention.

Take your piece of paper and ask the moon to assist

Here is a sample you may choose to use, but you may modify and write however you like.

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

On this new moon tonight I ask the universe to guide me, assist me and align me with my true purpose and true self. Connect me with the tonal frequency of my unique souls imprint and help me to hear what it says. Move things out of my way that are out of alignment and present the doorways I shall go through on the path of my purpose. I focus my attention on this night, tonight to committing myself to living true to the alignment of my soul. Show me signs and nudge and communicate to me through energy, dreams and intuition. I am ready and I am listening.

Thank you,

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨


Ideally this should be done in a backyard because you want to place the paper folded under the moons energy. Take your mason jar with water and put it on the top of the paper. Let the paper sit throughout the night under the moon outside or near a window. In the morning retrieve the paper and glass, read your paper and seal it by drinking the water. Drinking the water confirms your commitment and dedication for whats to come. Remember you asked to move things out of the way that are out of alignment so prepare for some possible changes. Trust the process and stay awake for the next two weeks look at everything as a sign. Follow the path with the least resistance. The difficult road is the wrong road. The effortless and easy road is the right road.

I sincerely wish for all souls to be aligned with their true authentic self, that is my souls purpose. I wish everyone well on their journey. Do not be afraid, everything will make sense when you just surrender.

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