10 ways to connect with spirit

1. Ask

Sit down,  close your eyes and ask to connect with your spirit, spirit guides and the energy of the Universe, ask to connect with God. Ask spirit to give you signs to communicate. 

2. Make a commitment and have a devotion

If you want a good friendship with spirit you have to put in the time. Devote yourself, have a practice, a daily ritual. Put your intention to make the connection. Remember, whatever you feed will grow. Make an effort.


3. Be open to the communication path

Spirit may be trying to communicate with you in many ways but you might miss it if your not open and paying attention. Be open to the many different ways spirit may be communicating with you. Spirit may communicate though dreams, signs or people. Pay attention, connect the dots and follow the signs. Once you understand you are communicating with spirit, this communication path will become stronger.

4. Figure out your strongest sense

Are you better at listening or stronger at feeling? What is the best way for spirit to get in touch with you? Once you figure that out focus on that sense to make it stronger. Practice using your senses by focusing on each one.

5. Practice meditation

If you want to hear and connect with the other realms practice quieting your thoughts. If the monkey mind is running, you will surely miss any signs. Learn and try different methods of meditation until you find something that works for you.

6. Use tools to help you go into a trance

Our ancestors used drums and rattle music to put the mind into a trance state so they could be more receptive. In shamanism, we journey with our power animal to access different parts of our subconsciousness. There are also different breathing techniques you can do that will help put you into a trance state.

7. Trust

If you want to connect with spirit you must believe in spirit. Your mind will direct and tell you what to believe and what not to believe based on the program it receives from you. 

8. Don’t be scared

We are not dancing with the devil here. Spirit is such a broad term but I’m talking about connecting with the spirit/energy of the universe and your spirit guides who are super helpful energies there to support you. The kind of spirit that enhances your life. If you choose to open that veil it doesn’t mean satans going to come running through uninvited. 

9. Stop judging everything

If you judge anything you will be blocked. You must have an open mind. Choose to believe that everything is possible and you will be amazed at what you discover.

10. Be patient

You might not get a response the first time you start talking to spirit. But if you keep knocking on that door eventually your going to get in. 

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