The Moon Manifestation Planner, Summer Solstice Edition

The Moon Manifestation Planner was a vision I had while living in Thailand because what I used to do was buy a blank notebook and track my spiritual practice. Did I meditate? Did I do something creative? Was I on my moon cycle or not? When was my moon cycle and was it sinc with... Continue Reading →


How to not repeat karma

I noticed a pattern in my documentation and journaling about my Karma. The pattern was that it seems whenever I experienced a trauma, meaning something negative that happened, something jolting, something really uncomfortable… it was directly followed by a Karma ( a lesson) and through that Karma I could choose to have an "awakening" (the... Continue Reading →

5 steps to spiritual surrender 

1 Take your hands off the wheel through prayer. Forget what you think you need. Pray for the highest good for all. Invisible doors will be open to you. 2 Focus on what’s thriving in your life. Take the focus off of that thing you need and on to what is already thriving.  3 Obstacles... Continue Reading →

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